We collaborate with our client to design, develop and deliver world class products that are critical to their business needs, through our dedicated, secure and controlled client operations centers.
Product Engineering Services

Product Engineering Services

Our Product Engineering services and solutions are tailored to accelerate product development process for our clients, enabling them to shrink the turnaround time across the product development lifecycle and introduce products faster to market. We stay at the forefront of new trends and discoveries and provide value to our clients by helping them quickly respond to market demands, build intelligent products, and ensure profitability by reducing development costs.

Solutions Offered

  • Enterprise Computing
  • Scalable Cloud Computing
  • Mobility Solutions
  • ERP & CRM Platforms
  • Database & Business Intelligence
  • IoT Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Research and Innovation
  • Software Development
  • Software QA and Testing
  • DevOps Services
  • Software Maintenance
  • Technology Migrations
  • Consulting Services
BI & Data Analytics

BI & Data Analytics

Bromgrove’s Business Intelligence and Data Analytics services enable organizations to effectively aggregate, integrate, and validate data and uncover relevant insights in real time. We help our clients transform data into intelligent insights with predictive modelling by using data mining, text mining, and forecasting. Bromgrove’s Business Intelligence and Analytics team can help you extract more insights from your data through:

  • Data Visualizations, Scorecards, and Dashboards, to provide high-impact, actionable insights to your business users
  • Business Analytics, including Descriptive and Diagnostic Analytics, to highlight what has historically happened in the business and why
  • Advanced Analytics, including Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, to help you understand what is likely to happen with any degree of probability and how to shape those business outcomes through the most appropriate interventions
  • Corporate Performance Management, to allow you to streamline your budgeting, forecasting, and financial modelling processes, and to track progress against them
  • Multi-dimensional and summarized views of aggregated data to quickly view and analyze business data from different perspectives. Also allows users to easily compare different types of data and complex computations.
  • Provide query and reporting tools which allow end users to access and query data quickly, and to produce reports for decision making and management purposes.
  • Dashboard and scorecards can be provided to managers and executives who need an overall view of their business performance. Users can also view more detailed information about key performance indicators across their organizations
ERP Services

ERP Services

Bromgrove has an adequate experience of implementing ERP rollouts for our prestigious customers and has developed mature processes that would benefit to minimize the learning curve and communication gaps, and it enables us to deliver upon seamless ERP rollouts and upgrades which meets our client’s business and technical requirements.

Solutions on offer

SAP ECC Implementation | SAP Solution Manager services | SAP HANA | SAP Application Lifecycle Management | SAP GRC, SAP Business Objects |SAP Mobility | SAP FIORI | NetSuite OneWorld | Netsuite ERP | Netsuite CRM+ | Oracle


  • Quickly and efficiently ramp up fully operational offshore ERP teams for both SAP and NetSuite (Functional & Technical)
  • Design, implementation, testing and support of key ERP systems to support key business functions including Financial Accounting, Human Resources, Sales & Distribution, Materials Management, Procurement and Reporting & Analytics.
  • Ability to manage ERP as a SAAS product with cross platform integration across diverse third-party solutions (e.g. 3PL, Taxation, SFDC, Okta etc.)
  • Creation and maintenance of BRD and BPM
  • Listing of KPI’s, Dashboards with roles and permissions based access
  • Analysing workflow to design functional specifications
  • Develop customisation / configuration roadmap
  • Strong tie-ups with ERP solutions provider to address the need based requirements for resources
IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Bromgrove has been consistently providing in-depth customized IT Infrastructure Solutions to our clients across industries. We power your business with IT Service management and consulting services to help it stay relevant, flexible, and competitive, while boosting performance and productivity with our unique IT infrastructure solutions. Our IT solutions follow an end-to-end approach, which enable us to deliver unified management of infrastructure and applications, getting your business ready for its transformational journey.

Key Activities

  • 24x7 Operations
  • Multi-Platform Expertise
  • ITIL process re-engineering and deployment service
  • Project management service that ensure deadlines are met on time and on budget Design and customize solutions to client specific needs
  • Application Support Services Escalation and SLA based service delivery.
  • Asset management and disposal
  • Datacenter Infrastructure Migration and Consolidation service
  • Building and operating a global Network operation center and Security Operations centers
  • High end threat protection solutions and services to monitor and protect from Internet-based threats, such as malware, botnets and phishing attacks.
  • Infrastructure security Management and support using Qualys, Indus guard, end point security solutions
  • Regular vulnerability assessment and penetration testing on LAN, WAN and web applications
  • IPS and IDS management
  • Lan and WAN solution and support for products like Cisco, Juniper and Meraki
  • DevOps Services
  • Infrastructure support for Linux, Windows and VMware ESXI server environment
  • Centralized Patch Management System
  • Incident Management, Problem management, change management
  • Manage and monitor backups on storage like Legato networker, Avamar and Netapp
  • Virtualization-Cloud Solution Services
  • Capacity planning and performance optimizations
  • Infrastructure monitoring using Solar winds, Nagios, Site24x7, Sys log
AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

We use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to help machines learn themselves from the data they are exposed to and arrive at conclusions, simulating human intelligence. Our data scientist have profound knowledge and experience in designing, implementing and integrating artificial intelligence applications specific to customers business.

Key Offerings

  • Machine learning AI which includes Predictive Algorithms for different business cases – customer application validation, Contract Renewal, Pay, Upgrades, same-store growth, Loss of Business
  • Self-adoptive and scalable
  • Flag/identify potential issues
  • Customer Segmentation & Behavioral analysis –for specific customers, products, regions, Net Promotor Score etc.
  • Forward looking What-If analysis & Simulations – pricing optimization, optimal discount analysis, Historical analysis.
  • Trends & Time Series forecasting.
  • Text Analysis / Natural language processing – understanding customer sentiments & creating standard support templates.
Distributed Ledger Technology / Blockchain

Distributed Ledger Technology / Blockchain

Our bespoke team of in-house blockchain developers can take care of the full development stack, from back to front end. Although we have our own specific project under development we are not averse to working with clients on their projects to develop their ideas and apply our experience and field expertise.

Solutions offered to our client

  • Bromgrove has implemented Distributed Ledger enabled Digital Tokens using Smart Contracts for an Indian fintech company on its lending platform.
  • The Distributed Ledger Technology allows the platform to record transactions in a secure and transparent manner by creating an immutable audit trail.
  • The platform has been designed to function as a shared infrastructure across customers, multiple external stakeholders, including regulators, credit bureaus and potentially other parties interested in participating in the distributed infrastructure
  • Smart Contract based Distributed Ledger records all lending transactions in an open and transparent manner, thus allowing the fintech company and the borrower to execute a trusted lending transaction that is transparent and tamper proof.
  • The key innovation also involves tokenising the loan amounts borrowed by the customers into Smart Contract Digital Tokens which are stored on the Ledger and accessible by the customer in the app.
  • All transactions are securely and accurately stored on the distributed ledger using advanced cryptography and can be accessed only by password protected crypto keys.

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